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Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation is a Muslim charity foundation based in Uganda that was founded along Muslim faith and has been in existence in operation since its inaugural year of 2018.

The organization was founded basing on the Prophet Mohammed acts of charity and the teachings of the Holy Quran. It’s upon this that the founding Muslim brothers drew inspiration to help the needy and vulnerable believers in the Muslim community in Uganda.

The founding board of Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation saw a need to give and reach out to the increasing and less privileged community. In Uganda, many citizens both adults and children are faced with challenges of life today. These challenges mainly range from financial, physical and emotional. These challenges were the driving factor that led to establishment of Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation and they have been the very factors that have continuously driven the purpose and cause of Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation.

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The charity mainly carries out its area of operations among the Muslim community in Uganda and international incase need arises.

Charity for Education

We help provide scholastic materials to the muslim communities in the rural areas of Uganda

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Feed for Hungry Child

We also help provide food for the starving poor children of the communities

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Home for Homeless

We help to provide minimal shelter to the needy communities forexample tents in times of calamities

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Bringing Clean Water

Sanitation can only be promoted by the presence of clean water thats why we help in building boreholes

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Help Little Ideas

We support muslims who have income generation ideas from the communities to help raise their living standards

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Small Penny Collection

Every penny makes a difference however small it may seem to be

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How can you help?

Help us give hope, care and love for the unfortunate ones and Allah will reward you

Join us in doing charity work.


Give us a gift in terms of materials like school materials, borehole equipment, clothes or money.


Help give education to one of the children to the school of your choice.


Have a glance to our accomplished projects

Ramadhan Iftar

We prepare futaali in Ramadhan for Muslims at different mosques in the remote areas of Uganda

Kyabakuza Hospital Cleaning

We visited Kyabakuza Health Center IV and helped to clean and provide equipments like gloves, clothes, mattresses and foodstaf to the patients

Mubende Community Home

We visited Mubende Community home which houses orphans and we were able to provide a hand in livelihood materials like food, clothes and other essentials

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